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Technology and efficiency on board.

MPE is a company specialized in propulsion and services of the ship, constituted to commercialize and give service to our clients: shipowners, shipyards and workshops.

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We have strengthened our activity in Spain with professionals with extensive experience in the naval sector both in the commercial, technical and after-sales service departments.

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To improve customer service and reduce delivery times, we offer our customers an extensive stock of spare parts, located in MPE stores in Madrid and Barcelona. In this same line we maintain the network of after-sales services that covers the entire national territory.

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Our product portfolio includes Moteurs Baudouin engines, generators, auxiliaries and transmissions. From Moteurs Baudouin engine it is possible to emphasize its low consumption and easy maintenance, being the engine with better relation weight / power, and quality price of the market. We invite you to visit our website www.baudouin.es for more details.

  • Power Ranges:

    • Main engine: from 185 to 1650 hp (136 - 1214 kW)
  • Generators:

    • Or 85 to 845 kVA (68-676 kW) @ 50 Hz
    • Or 105 to 875 kVA (84-700 kW) @ 60 Hz
  • Auxiliary groups:

    • Or from 102 to 965 hp (75 - 710 kW) @ 50 Hz
    • Or 125 to 1001 HP (92- 736 kW) @ 60 Hz
  • Reducers:

    • from 275 to 668 hp (202 - 491 kW)
  • Presence in the naval sector since 1918:

    • Full accessibility for proper maintenance
  • Technology:

    • Modular concept with fewer components
    • New materials to improve engine durability
  • Lifecycle:

    • Low specific consumption compared to competition
    • Our design philosophy uses fewer consumable elements
      (Tubular heat exchangers without flexible pipes)
  • Environment:

    • Emissions to the atmosphere below that indicated by the regulation, complying with: IMO Tier II & III - EPA III - CCNR2

Likewise MPE represents the following marks, thus completing our range of equipment and services of the vessel:

  • - Marsis: fire-fighting systems.
  • - Kraaijeveld: intrinsecally safe equipment and hydraulic systems.

For more information contact: info@marinepower.es